doc: chaining_tree

Compute the chaining tree given the canonical distance matrix between point of X


 [eNet, PiX, DeltaT, U] = chaining_tree(D2, dmax, step, iMin, iMax)
 [eNet, PiX, DeltaT, U] = chaining_tree(..., 'Name',Value)


  • D2 matrix (n, n) of canonical squared distance
  • dmax scalar of initial diameter of X
  • step scalar > 1 for the geometric decay of $\epsilon_i$
  • iMin integer for the first level to consider
  • iMax integer for the last level to consider

Name-Value Pair Arguments

  • a scalar > 1 power to use for the geometric decay in the union bound, e.g. 2
  • lza scalar of logarithm of the Riemann zeta of a, e.g. log(pi^2/6)


  • eNet vector (1, N) of indices of points in the final $\epsilon$-net
  • PiX matrix (h, n) of indices of the closest element of the net for all h=iMax-iMin levels
  • DeltaT matrix (h, N) of diameters of the cells of the net for all h levels
  • U vector (h, 1) of negative log probabilities w.r.t the union bounds for all h levels

See also

gp_dist | enet_greedy