MPRI 1.18 - Tree automata and applications

TD8. Propositional Dynamic Logic
TD7. Recognizable relations and WSkS
HW1+solution. Automates Ascendants d'Arbres a Arbre
TD6 (Bonus). DTDs
TD6. Nested words
TD5. Hedge Automata
TD4. Alternating Tree Automata
TD3. Alternating Word Automata
TD2. Tree homomorphisms
TD1. Recognizable Tree Languages and Finite Tree Automata

MPRI 1.24 - Probabilistic aspects of computer science

TD9. Probabilistic Automata
TD8. Average Reward for Unichains
TD7. Reachability Objectives in MDP
TD6. MDP - Modelling and Finite-horizon objectives.
TD4 & TD5. Continuous Time Markov Chains.
TD3. Random walks and applications.
TD2. Markov chains in the long run.
TD1. Discrete-time Renewal Processes and First Markov Chains.

L3 ENS Cachan - Projet Programmation 2 (Scala)

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